The Nine Valkyries


The nine Valkyries are the gatekeepers and protectresses of the key holders (Samurai Troopers)

Eir: Valkyrie of Medicine and Help, keeper of the Life key
Gondul: Valkyrie of Battle Music, keeper of the Obedience key
Sigdrifa: Valkyrie of Strategy, keeper of the Trust key
Hlokk: Valkyrie of Battle/War, keeper of the Virtue key
Hildr: Valkyrie of Armour, keeper of the Courtesy key
Thrudr: Valkyrie of Politics, keeper of the Endurance key
Herfjotur: Valkyrie of the Spoils of War and Money, keeper of the Justice key
Geiravor: Valkyrie of Weapons, keeper of the Fealty key
Kara: Valkyrie of Messages and Spies, keeper of the Piety key